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Sunday January 28th: 6pm: MICHAEL VATCHER and JACK WRIGHT - Drums and Alto Sax / 7pm: MICHAEL FOSTER / BEN GERSTEIN / SEAN ALI / FLIN VAN HEMMEN - While We Still Have Bodies - Sax / Trombone / Acoustic Bass / Percussion

Legendary American-born drummer/percussionist, MICHAEL VATCHER, has made his way back to New York, after living in Amsterdam for some thirty years. He will be joined by another legendary figure, saxist JACK WRIGHT, who has been creating his own free music for more than 40 years and working with a large cast of musicians from around the globe. //////

WHILE WE STILL HAVE BODIES is an exceptional new Downtown all-star quartet featuring: MICHAEL FOSTER on saxes, BEN GERSTEIN on trombone, SEAN ALI on contrabass and FLIN VAN HEMMEN on drums. Their first disc was released last month and is one of the best regarded debut discs of the past year.

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Happy Holidays USED CD List!

12-26-2017 to 01-31-2018

Happy New Year to the DMG Faithful Newsletter subscribers!

Here is our monthly USED CD Sale List, It is pretty long, over 300 titles and more than 100 were added in the past month. It is a pretty diverse list with a handful of rare treasures thrown in for good measure. We need to sell as many as is possible so this is the deal for this sale:

3 - 5 CD’s take 10% off

6 - 9 CD’s take 25% off

10 or more CD’s take 40% off

If you wish to add

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StoneFest at The New School

12-17 to 12-19

stonefest 2018

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FIMAV 33 - Festival International Musique Actuelle Victoriaville - May 18th - 21st, 2017

Considering that I have been attending the New Music Festival in Victoriaville every year since 1988, this, the 33rd edition seemed somehow different. Ever since the unfortunate election of our fake president, there has been an ongoing vibe of denial: fear, frustration, confusion, anger and a disorienting feeling that we are living in a nightmare that will not end anytime soon. There are too many folks staring at their phones, computers and TV screens, trying to make some sense out of the incomp

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