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The DMG FREE Weekly In-Store Performance Series Continues With:

Sunday, October 21st: 6pm: DAVE SEWELSON QUARTET - FMR CD Release Set! Featuring: DAVE SEWELSON - Bari Sax / STEVE SWELL - Trombone / WILLIAM PARKER - Bass / MARVIN BUGALU SMITH - Drums

Featuring Dave Sewelson on baritone & sopranino saxes, Steve Swell on trombone, William Parker on contrabass and Marvin Bugaloo Smith on drums. Veteran saxist Dave Sewelson is an early member of the Downtown scene, having worked with Wayne Horvitz, Robin Holcomb and the Microscopic Septet in the early 1980’s. Mr. Sewelson is also a member of the Jessie Dulman Quartet, whose LP was recorded right at DMG last year! Actually, all four members of the great quartet are veterans whose varied careers go back to the late seventies. The eldest member of this quintet is drummer, Marvin Bugaloo’ Smith, who has worked Sun Ra, Archie Shepp and David Schnitter. The opening song is the title track and it was written by Mr. Sewelson. It has a strong, spirited, almost prayer-light theme that rings true for the troubling times that surround us. Many of us can relate to the sentiment of the title, “Music for a Free World”, since we do long to be free of the fascism that is rising around the planet. Mr. Sewelson and Mr. Swell sound like righteous sparring partners, combining forces, blending their solemn, slow burning voices. The longest piece here is called “Tensiana”and starts off with some brooding, thoughtful bass from Mr. Parker. This long work is indeed intense and filled with turbulent currents which rise and fall as the currents swirl around the two horns. Last Sunday (7/2918), trombonist Steve Swell, played a duo here with Canadian drummer Mark Segger. Even in quieter settings, Mr. swell showed himself to be a formidable improviser who kept digging deeper and coming with a wealth of sounds and inspired solos. There are tow songs which were written by both frontline horn men. These are actually duo pieces which are laid back yet a sly, somewhat funky, organic spirit, kinda like a a warm conversation. The quartet together make a strong impression, a solid force, they capture some age old vibes, united in the right ways. A toast to these fabulous veterans! - CD review by Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery

Sunday, October 28h: 6pm: MAX KUTNER and GREGG BENDIAN - Guitarist from Evil Genius meets Drummer from Mahavishnu Project

November 4th, 2018: 6pm: RADIO I-CHING DUO: ANDY HAAS and DON FIORINO - Saxes and Guitar // 7pm: DAVID GROLLMAN / AL MARGOLIS / LUCAS BRODE

The RADIO I-CHIING DUO Features ANDY HAAS on saxes & electronics and DON FIORINO on guitar. Originally a trio with Dee Pop on drums, Andy and Don have been playing together for more than a decade together and refining their unique way at looking at the other side of life. They recently released their first duo CD which remains an underground gem.

DAVID GROLLMAN plays snare drum in his own completely distinctive way, occasionally stripping down to his skivvies. AL MARGOLIS runs the beyond avant-garde Pogus label for many years and it is seasoned sonic manipulator. LUCAS BRODE plays guitar.


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